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If you are thinking of getting a roof conversion in Bristol , Fresh Fit Kitchens Ltd would love help you.We are experienced in roof conversions and offer a great service at a truly fair price.Before we talk though, you may want to take a look at the information below.It is designed to help you decide when and what help you would like from us.All of the scenarios below can be undertaken and fixed by Fresh Fit Kitchens Ltd.We are here to help.

That older buildings can leak money through the roof is a fact that cannot be understated. We often hear enough that certain energy companies can save us money if we switch to them, but it quickly becomes complicated when you are going backwards and forwards between companies and can end up costing you more in the long run when you get stuck on an Roof Conversion Bristolunwanted contract with a company whose energy prices are on the rise. The easiest and most convenient way of saving money is dealing with the building you live or work in itself.

The simplest way of stopping energy leakage, and the one that can provide most noticeable returns in the short term, is by ensuring your home is properly insulated. Cavity wall insulation can potentially be expensive, but for many people, it can be partially funded by the government, and you can feel the heat that is saved, allowing you to turn your central heating down. Loft insulation can be a lot cheaper since it is just fluffy material that you line the top of your house with; it is simple to install yourself and can be bought from DIY stores and even some supermarkets. If you are not up to climbing a ladder and insulating your roof, there are professionals that you can hire, or can be drafted in by the council, to complete the task for you.

While insulating your home is a good start; there is only so much it can achieve in an older building with a flat roof in need of repair. Missing tiles, and various holes will ensure that there is a cold draft in your home or office, and potential energy savings are right out of the window. It can be extremely expensive to completely replace a roof: depending on the size of the facility, and the condition of the roof, to begin with, the cost can be in the thousands or tens of thousands of pounds. Flat to pitch roof conversion could be the answer.

In the process of flat to pitch roof conversion, new, lightweight modular structures are built into the existing roofing structure. These modules are assembled at roof level, and because they are lightweight, they minimize the amount of unnecessary stress and strain on the roof, and there is little in the way of increased weight added. Once the roof is pitched, this can help with rain runoff, and decrease the amount of maintenance required, as well as ensuring you can fit helpful insulation into the top of your building.

Fresh Fit Installations Ltd are specialists at roof conversion in Bristol. We can help you with all of your plans, big or small, will be their at your side. Just give Stuart or Anthony a call and they will be more than happy to help you.

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